Welcome to The Zeitgeist Chronicles 'About' page. Here you can learn more about the American Theatre Project and the overall goal The Zeitgeist Chronicles will bring to New Orleans. Make sure to also check out our partner, Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (LCEF).​

The Zeitgeist Chronicles is a multimedia theatre production premiering in New Orleans that will be showcasing professional talent. After the premiere in New Orleans, The Zeitgeist Chronicles will move to New York City making NOLA "Broadway South" for real!


This new American play, The Zeitgeist Chronicles, was workshop at Dillard University’s Samuel DuBois Cook Theater from September 15th - September 29th and showcased professional talent from New Orleans.

The Zeitgeist Chronicles is relevant, thought provoking as well as hilarious and entertaining.  It takes on politics, religion, race relations, morality, and humanity.  This is an election year play with a New Orleans storyline that was performed during the 2012 election at an historic New Orleans institution in an area of town that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  

We believe this piece was one of the timeliest theatrical events to occur in New Orleans -- or anywhere in the United States -- this year.


We partnered with Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (LCEF), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to be a catalyst for the development and enhancement of the distinct cultural industries of Louisiana by promoting the economic health and quality of life of our cultural economy workforce.  To keep Louisiana's cultural heritage strong, LCEF's outreach includes service to those working in music, film, culinary arts, performing and visual arts and crafts, design, literary arts, and historic preservation, focused on supporting artists and other entrepreneurs in the cultural industries of Louisiana.  It is our collective mission to bring awareness to the flourishing New Orleans theatre and arts community.

Now that The Zeitgeist Chronicles has had a workshop production in New Orleans, we intend to relaunch the play at another venue before moving it to New York City and tour the rest of the U.S.  This will serve to attract other playwrights and producers to workshop and launch their original productions here in New Orleans, LA.