Welcome to The Zeitgeist Chronicles 'Charity' page. Here you can learn about the wonderful non-profit that is assisting The Zeitgeist Chronicles with the mission of promoting economic health and quality of life of our cultural economic workforce. ​

The Zeitgeist Chronicles is a multimedia theatre production premiering in New Orleans that will be showcasing professional talent. After the premiere in New Orleans, The Zeitgeist Chronicles will move to New York City making NOLA "Broadway South" for real!

About LCEF

The primary mission of Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (LCEF) is to be a catalyst for the development and enhancement of the distinct cultural industries of Louisiana, by promoting the economic health and quality of life of our cultural economy workforce.

Launched as a result of then Lieutenant Governor Mitchell J. Landrieu's Cultural Economy Initiative in late 2005 following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, LCEF was dedicated to disaster relief and recovery of cultural economy workers, distributing more than $1.1 million in support.


With the Foundation's two major programs, the Economic Opportunity Fund and the Healthcare Initiative, LCEF now focuses on proactive economic development and quality-of-life. These programs provide access to capital and healthcare, supporting our cultural workers' ability to earn a decent living and maintain a respectable quality of life.

We serve cultural economy producers working in culinary, visual, performing and literary arts; music; film; design; crafts; historic preservation as well as Social Aid, Pleasure Clubs and Mardi Gras Indians - anyone possessing a "culturally" defined occupation or skill.

The cultural economy is a $12 billion industry in Louisiana and the state's fastest growing business sector with 150,000+ jobs. Cultural workers make up almost 8% of our workforce and nearly 50% of them live and work in Greater New Orleans (GNO).  The majority of these workers, however, are low-income wage earners and are often overlooked as a relevant sector of our business community and do not get needed support and services to succeed.

To date, the Economic Opportunity Fund has raised and distributed over $1 million to hundreds of artists, cultural organizations and businesses and the Healthcare Initiative has served thousands of individuals through healthcare referrals and screenings.

Visit LCEF's website for more information and subscribe to LCEF's monthly digital newsletter Cultural Connections.                                                                                                            

Access to Capital:
Economic Opportunity Fund

LCEF makes small seed grants through our EOF program to cultural economy producers to increase income or earned revenue through an innovative, specific, unique opportunity identified by the applicant. These grants encourage entrepreneurial risk and support the economic growth of these emerging cultural workers.

In 2011 LCEF completed an Economic Impact Report in cooperation with the University of New Orleans and learned that our grantees have generated revenue, advanced their financial stability, created jobs, increased business exposure, provided volunteer opportunities and fostered partnerships. An average EOF seed grant of $2,400 generates a return on investment for the recipient of at least three times that amount within 12 months of their funded project, and creates a foundation for growth.

EOF grants produced a total economic impact of $8.8 million statewide and also created and supported 1,800 full and part time jobs. The Return on Investment (ROI) on EOF grants from 2008 through 2010 was 5.1.This means for each dollar of grant money awarded, $5.10 of new economic activity was produced.

Access to Healthcare:
Healthcare Initiative

The primary mission of the LCEF Healthcare Initiative is to support the total well being of our cultural economy workers by facilitating access to primary and preventative healthcare and affordable prescriptions. The majority of cultural workers are self-employed and are either uninsured or under insured.

The Healthcare Initiative provides assistance locating doctors and dentists; assistance accessing affordable prescriptions; mental healthcare options; information on other health related programs and free health screenings.

For the past two years, LCEF has partnered with the MusiCare and Smile Programs to offer free dental clinics for musicians. Following the most recent Dental Day, Grammy-award-winning Louisiana musician Cubby Charrier said, “Thank you LCEF! Y'all have musicians smiling at their shows!”

Success Stories

Lightwire Theater

Corbian Visual Arts and Dance, now renamed Lightwire Theater, produces theatrical productions which are targeted to families. Their shows combine dance, puppetry and technology. With their past production, Darwin the Dinosaur, Corbian was given the opportunity to have a custom stuffed animal made that looks like the main character of their show and has the company name and website printed on it.

Currently,  two time LCEF Grantees, Lightwire Theatrer is competing on the show America's Got Talent and has made it to the finals. Click here to see the performance that qualified them to the finals. Join their Facebook page to learn more.

Sarah Dunn

Visual Artist

Sarah Dunn received an EOF grant to transfer her painted work onto fabric. After LCEF funding, she is now working with a fashion designer on a clothing line and exhibited work at the 2012 NOLA Fashion Week. Read more about Sarah's success story here.

Culinary Producer

Chef Reece Williams

Chef Reece Williams received an EOF grant for equipment that would allow him to pre-inject meat with marinade. By developing this new concept of marinating meats, he has gained substantial private label interest from grocery chains across the country. He has also created jobs for over 40 individuals in the food product industry.

More about Chef Reece's success story.

The achievements of our EOF program have proven that the stability and growth of our cultural producers directly impacts our tourism industry, economy, and the overall well being and vitality of our communities.

More LCEF Grantee success stories here.