Welcome to The Zeitgeist Chronicles 'Donate' page. Here you can learn about how to support our mission of promoting NOLA talent and awarding New Orleans for its artistic incredibility as the true "Broadway South!" ​

The Zeitgeist Chronicles is a multimedia theatre production premiering in New Orleans that will be showcasing professional talent. After the premiere in New Orleans, The Zeitgeist Chronicles will move to New York City making NOLA "Broadway South" for real!

We believe that New Orleans has incredibly talented artists and that they deserve to have a professional platform to build their careers in their home town instead of having to leave for a “bigger” market when they achieve “success”.  We believe that with a strong workshop process of "The Zeitgeist Chronicles" we are pushing our mission to promote world-class theatre here and more playwrights, actors, artists, and those in the performing arts industry will want to join us in launching their original works.  More venues will be restored and we can make this incredibly artistic city “Broadway South”. 

With your financial support we will succeed in bringing an important, timely, and entertaining production to life and showcase incredible talent both on our stage and behind the curtain.  Your donations will directly support a made-in-New Orleans original and help its development into a national tour. We believe that the more we can expose this innovative project the healthier our theatre arts community becomes here.  Who Dat!


You can financially support The Zeitgeist Chronicles forward progress. 

Donations above go directly to ZEITGEIST CHRONICLES PRODUCTION Paypal account for funds that go to the immediate needs of the production.