Welcome to The Zeitgeist Chronicles 'Synopsis' page. Here you can learn what our production is about but the only way to truly experience NOLA talent is to come out to our premiere at Dillard University on September 13, 2012!​

The Zeitgeist Chronicles is a multimedia theatre production premiering in New Orleans that will be showcasing professional talent. After the premiere in New Orleans, The Zeitgeist Chronicles will move to New York City making NOLA "Broadway South" for real!


A twenty-five-year-old conservative Mormon stand-up comic living in Manhattan develops a younger artist / older mentor relationship with a comedic icon and grand dame of the Rat Pack Era while she spends her sunset years at a retirement home in Riverdale New York.

An Alabama born and bred thirty-year old progressive online reporter and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter living in Los Angeles travels to a hospital in Riverside California to interview her long lost uncle who is a former racist now campaigning for presidential hopeful: Barack Obama.  

A Katrina surviving African-American family from New Orleans spends their time at the Touro Infirmary trying to keep their elderly patriarch alive long enough to witness the possible election of the first African-American president.

These three multi-generational storylines collide during the "CHANGE ELECTION" of 2008.  Young America confronts elderly America in a multi-media Spirit of the Age experience you will be talking about all the way to the voting booth.

IN THE PLAYWRIGHT'S WORDS (Playwright Stephen Montagne goes into detail about the show and makes a call to action!)